On the ropes

When I woke up this morning, my hopes of this cold not getting too serious were quickly dashed. My throat was sorer than ever, and the congestion had finally moved in to match.

I was supposed to be babysitting Wednesday, so I quickly decided (or at least as quickly as I did anything) that I should see if I could get in to see my doctor and get some antibiotics to hopefully knock out the cold faster.

They squeezed me in to see a physician’s assistant in the office since my regular doctor wasn’t available, and despite some unsolicited advice she did say she was sending a prescription for a Z-pak to my drug store — across the street from the office.

I assumed that meant the prescription would be there when I arrived a few minutes later, but the pharmacy said they couldn’t find it. I thought they’d sent it electronically, and they said they’d text me as soon as they received it and it was being processed.

That text never came, and eventually it was closing time at the doctor’s office. I called the drug store back, they said they still didn’t have it, so I called the doctor’s office and explained my plight to the answering service. One of the other doctors called back and said it was definitely put in, but he would call again to make sure. While I was on the phone with him, the drug store called back. When I returned their call, they said they’d found the request — on their answering machine.

So then I had plenty of frustration on top of not being able to breathe (I’m currently on my third box of tissues today). I was in no condition to pick up the prescription by this point, so I had to wait for my wife to bring it home. Thanks to work and traffic, it was 8 pm before I finally got to take my first dose.

That was after hearing my cousin was hospitalized overnight. Then to cap things off I got to hear that a close friend had been laid off from his job, just as I was earlier this year. Luckily he’s one of the smartest people I know, so I have no doubt he’ll be employed again soon. But I could really use a break from this cold, bad news and just crap in general to give me a chance to feel like I’m getting off the ropes and back in the fight.


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