Here it goes again

Of course as soon as things start getting busy in my life and I commit to doing what I want with the blog, I start coming down with a cold. It’s perfect timing, especially considering I finally got my flu shot last week — though that is merely coincidence (and more ironic than anything Alanis Morissette wailed about).

I started feeling the bug coming on Sunday, and when I woke up this morning didn’t feel any worse than I did when I went to bed. That’s usually a good sign because it seems the cold always works its “magic” while I’m asleep, in spite of any medicine I take or how much rest I get. But the happiness was short-lived, and while it was a slow progression by this evening the congestion had begun in earnest and the throat was more sore and raw.

Having to work on a preview story and try to get other chores around the house done as well, I was reminded of the toughest part of getting sick — the effect it has on your mind. I had trouble focusing on what I was trying to do, and it felt at times like I was in a fog and just couldn’t concentrate on … well, much of anything.

Hopefully I can start to shake this by tomorrow and get back to normal so it doesn’t affect any of my plans for later in the week. Hence an early bedtime and a good night’s sleep to try and get on the down side of this.


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