Late in the day

See, one day and I’m already fighting to meet my own ultimatum. Now I’m doing it at the end of a day that began for me at 7 a.m. on too little sleep (my own fault) for my weekly bowling league, with what feels like the beginning of a nice cold. Should be interesting to see what happens.

It was a fairly typical Sunday of laundry, some TV and starting to dip my feet into preseason information to get ready for the girls basketball season that begins in less than a week. For that and other reasons, the main goal was to take it easy in anticipation of a long week ahead.

Things can get especially hectic at this time of year, especially for scholastic sportswriters thanks to the change in seasons in addition to the holidays which already sap so much time, attention and energy. There’s even more on my plate than that this week, including an impending babysitting assignment which I have a pretty good feeling will end up its own blog post.

So I should really keep this short so I can actually get to bed and get up at a decent hour to start the week off right. Since I’ve been pulling as hard as I can just to get these words out, shouldn’t be a problem. But I got words out, and got a post up. Yay me, [ 2 ] days without missing a blog post. Let’s hope I don’t have to reset the counter soon like the accident sign at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

  • By the way, my friend Brandi Lukas was kind enough to ask me to be the guest co-host again this weekend on her fun (but NSFW) podcast, Going To Hell. The episode went live late Sunday, and you can listen to it here on her podcast site, Again, use headphones if you’re going to listen in public. Also due to the many topics we covered the show runs over an hour, so settle in and enjoy — especially if you hate Secret Santa.

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