Do it anyway

Once again, I bang out a blog post and then create others over the next week-plus only to never finish any of them. I think I have to give myself an ultimatum to get things going here.

My plan was always to treat this blog not just as a place to pontificate with long (but hopefully not ponderous) posts, but also write smaller things that don’t take hours of crafting and research. This is where I’ve stumbled, and where I need to improve.

So my plan is to try and post something daily (or as close to it as I can get) for at least a month to get into the creative rhythm, so to speak. Hopefully I’ll live up to the challenge since I’m putting it out there publicly, and it will make the blog become a more regular part of life which I’m pretty sure is what I want.

I’m going to treat it like a New Year’s resolution, but without waiting for the new year to get it going. A friend once said that waiting until the new year to make big changes and resolutions was just an excuse, and I think in this case I’m taking that to heart. I think if it helps someone to achieve their goal, they should do whatever it takes.

I’ve been getting hints and encouragements from different people in different ways, but it’s all helping point me in the same direction. I’m planning on making other changes in my life as well, but trying not to make it too big and taking it one step at a time. I don’t have forever to do it, but if I try to do too much too quickly it could easily lead to becoming overwhelmed and quite possibly failure. That’s not what I’m after.

The main point is, even if I don’t think I have an earth-shattering post to write every single day … do it anyway.


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