This place could use a good dusting

new-year-2014-versus-2013Wow, been a long time since I’ve been around here. I think the idea of having a separate blog which ended up also being about sports was a good idea in theory, but I think it felt a little too much like more work and I have more than enough of that as it is. So things got neglected, and at times I forgot I even had this blog.

But it’s a new year, and time for a new attitude. So I’m opening up the windows and letting some air in to help get rid of some of the dust that’s accumulated around here. I’ve changed the name (though that could go through a few more changes), the look, and the purpose of the site.

I’ll write here when I feel like it, which will hopefully be on a regular basis, and this time it’ll definitely be about whatever I feel like at the time. I have a lot of interests, at least some of which are on display in the new cover photo (which I hastily designed myself; impressive, right?), and I’ll write about them and other things.

Sports will still be welcome here, and I’ve added my Twitter feed which is mostly about sports since I use it for work. But I won’t be seeking out esoteric sports topics to explore further, unless that’s what I feel like doing. Otherwise it’ll be whatever, whenever, for however long I want. But spelling and grammar will still be a focus, because they’re always important.

So enjoy your time here. Hopefully there’ll be a lot more to explore in the near future as I get more random posts like this up. I still like a lot of what I did before, so check that out too, but from now on most of what I’ll be writing here will be a lot more off the cuff instead of researching and agonizing over every syllable. Let’s cut this sucker loose and see what happens.